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Project Overview

The Helmholtz Analytics Framework (HAF) is a data science pilot project funded by the Helmholtz Initiative and Networking Fund. Six Helmholtz centers will pursue a systematic development of domain-specific data analysis techniques in a co-design approach between domain scientists and information experts in order to strengthen the development of the data sciences in the Helmholtz Association. In challenging applications from a variety of scientific fields, data analytics methods will be applied to demonstrate their potential in leading to scientific breakthroughs and new knowledge. In addition, the exchange of methods among the scientific areas will lead to their generalization.

The Helmholtz Analytics Framework is complementary to the Helmholtz Data Federation (HDF) in that the developed libraries will be made available there first. The three year project starts in October 2017 and receives a funding of close to EUR 3 million. The project is funded by the Helmholtz Association Initiative and Networking Fund under project number ZT-I-0003.